The Best Place To Find The Perfect Tree Is Crystal Creek!

My family has never cut down our own Christmas tree, but for many families, it is an annual tradition.    I have always imagined strolling around a tree farm with rows and rows of evergreens waiting for the right one to appear just like it does in the movies!  

We would be sipping hot cocoa and sucking on candy canes while arguing over whether we should get the dark green tree that is kind of bushy or the Charlie Brown tree that nobody seems to want!  Fresh snow would be falling sky, just to complete the whole magical scene.

This is probably why I have been fascinated with Crystal Creek Tree Farm since I discovered it a few months ago!

Crystal Creek is a family-owned tree farm that specializes in premium Christmas trees!

About The Farm

Many years ago, Harvey Hawken bought a patch of land in Maple Valley, WA and turned it into a family-owned Christmas tree farm.  He wanted to be able to provide the perfect Christmas tree that would be the centerpiece of a family’s celebrations during the season.  

He and his wife Janet live on the farm and they are known to be kind, caring and dedicated to their crops and customers.  They even have loyal families that return to the farm year after year to get their trees!

Harvey Hawken worked on his locomotive for 18 years so he could provide his customers with train rides around Crystal Creek Tree Farm!

23-Acres of Beauty

This 23-acre farm is nestled secretly in a forest of evergreens, just waiting for you to come and discover it.  Among all of the trees, you will also find a shimmering blue pond with a quaint little bridge that allows you to cross to the other side!  

While I was there, two resident border collies dashed past me in a race to see who could get a sip of water from the pond first!  It was quite a sight and anyone who knows me knows that just seeing those dogs filled my heart with joy!

If you want to explore everything this outdoor wonderland has to offer, you are in luck!  Harvey has been restoring a locomotive for 18 years and it is finally ready! He plans on using to give his customers rides to the woods and transport their trees back to their car.  During the one-mile train ride, you will get to see everything from the fields of trees to the pond and back!

Crystal Creek specializes in premium trees and customers can choose from two variants of firs.

Premium Tree Options

When you visit Crystal Creek, you get to choose from two variants of firs, Noble and Nordmann.  The trees also range in size between 4-12’ tall so as long as you measure your ceiling height before you go, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit in your house!  

The best part about Crystal Creek is, you get to cut the tree down yourself so you know it’s going to be fresh!    They also provide saws, twine, and a helpful staff to guide you through the adventure.

Bring your family to Crystal Creek Tree Farm and experience the magical adventure of cutting down your own tree!

Go get your tree!

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is time to gear up for the Christmas festivities!  The farm is open, so come on out for free train ride and a beautiful tree. They will be open every day from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM for the Christmas season!  

Crystal Creek Tree Farm
23604 SE 192nd St
Maple Valley, Washington

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