Five of My favorite Date Night Ideas

Quality time is both mine and my husband’s love language, so you are almost guaranteed to find us together whenever we have free time. We usually spend our days running errands or sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but sometimes we need to do something a little special to keep our love flame burning.  

That was cheesy, but you know what I mean!  

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so I put together a list of 5 date ideas that I hope you love just as much as we do!

Caitlyn Lunsford - Five of my favorite date night ideas
Caitlyn Lunsford’s date night ideas #1 - Take a long walk. Photo was taken at Discovery Park in Seattle near the lighthouse.

Idea #1 - Take a Long Walk

This idea is our favorite!  Daniel loves exercising and I love going on long walks, especially on the beach!  Anywhere that doesn’t have easy access to wifi will work, but I like places where you are forced to put your phone down and enjoy the scenery (and each other)!

Walking is great because it is a lot like being in a relationship.  The paths come with twists and turns, quiet stretches and surprises waiting around every corner!

There is also the added bonus of getting to those 10,000 steps for the day!

If you are walking around Seattle, I recommend the Loop Trail at Discovery Park because you get to hike among the trees and there is a beach with a lighthouse.  Best of both worlds, in my book!

Idea #2 - Movie Marathon

In September, Cinemark was having a Harry Potter Festival, where they were bringing all of the movies in the series to the big screen again as a way to promote Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  I was so excited and wanted nothing more than to see the Triwizard Tournament at the theater!

I really wanted to go to the festival, but the scheduling was super weird and Daniel wouldn’t have been able to watch most of them with me.  

So, we decided to bring the festivities to our home!  The only thing that would have made our day of watching Harry Potter any better is we made it themed and were dressed up as the characters while drinking butterbeer!

Next time you have a date night at home, why not make it an experience with your favorite movie series?


Idea #3 - Find Your Pie Night

Daniel wanted a milkshake when he got home from work one night, so I searched google for a place where we could get one at 2 a.m. (his work schedule is kind of crazy).

There were fast food places like McDonald’s and Jack in the Box, but I was hoping for somewhere a little different.  Like one of those 50s diners that you see on TV! (Riverdale anyone?)

That is when I discovered Shari’s Cafe and Pies, which is open 24 hours!

Instead of a milkshake, I opted to get the Deep Dish Washington Apple Pie and I was hooked!  We became friends with the waitress there and have gone back almost every week!

Since we go so often, I have had a chance to try most of the pie flavors and I can tell you that my favorite is Creamy Caramel Pecan! YUM!

Now, I’m not necessarily telling you to go out and get pie at 2 a.m. Most of you are probably sleeping then!  It’s more about finding something that you can look forward to and do together every week. Consistently doing something together that you both enjoy is a great way to make sure you are going on those dates!

Be creative and make it yours!

Idea #4 - Game Night

Sometimes, all you need for a great date night is to pull out one of your favorite board games!  Both Daniel and I are pretty competitive, whether he wants to admit it or not! Neither of us likes to lose so on those nights when we break out a deck of cards, we end up in an endless loop of rounds trying to prove who is better!

I have heard from many people that they don’t like board games because they are...boring, but I don’t understand that.  

I do agree that some games can be boring.  I don’t really enjoy playing Monopoly (it takes so long!) and I can’t stand Scrabble!  But there are so many different games out there, I’m sure you will be able to find one or two that pique your interest!  

Some of my favorite 2-Player games are: Skip-Bo, Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns, Sorry, Life, and Yahtzee!

Caitlyn Lunsford’s ideas for date night #5 - Hire a photographer!

Idea #5 - Hire a Photographer

Hiring a photographer for your date night could be approached in a lot of different ways!

  • You could want to document something special that is going to happen on the date, such as a proposal!

  • Or the two of you have always wanted to feel like celebrities and want the paparazzi to follow you all night.

  • And sometimes the cell phone photos that were taken by other tourists on your amazing adventures just aren’t what you are hoping for.  

Date night photography is so unique and the possibilities are endless!  All you need is a little bit of creativity (and I have a LOT of that!).

Bonus:  The ordering session for your date night photos counts as another date night!  You get to choose your favorite images and how you want to display them! All while laughing, reminiscing over your experiences and enjoying yummy snacks!

Let’s keep this conversation going!  

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  • What are some of your favorite things to do on date night?

  • Did you try any of these date ideas?  If you did, how did it go?

  • Are you considering hiring a photographer to capture your special date night?  I would love to talk to you about your options!