Reflections of Vanity. 2014. Archival Inkjet Print. Overall: 47 in x 49 in.  Each frame: 16 in x 20 in.

In my work, I explore the concept of vanity and how it affects the world around us.   Many historical paintings about vanity utilize symbols, such as jewels and mirrors, to convey this concept.  For my work, I chose to focus on photographing mirrors and how people react when they are placed in front of one.  While photographing the models, I did not direct them to pose in a certain way, but watched for natural gestures that each person did in front of a mirror. Rather than making the models in these photographs seem completely vain, I wanted to show the subtlety of vanity so more people would be able to relate to the images.  With these photographs, the viewer can start thinking about the role that vanity plays within our culture.