Timbre. 2015. Book.  8.5 in. x 11 in. 20 pages.

Timbre is my attempt to create a bridge between two art mediums: photography and music. There is significance to the practice, the math, and the discipline that goes into becoming a good musician and the same could be said about a good photographer. Everyone wants to be a rock star, but only a few people are serious enough to take music lessons.  Simply owning an instrument will not make a person a great musician and owning a camera does not make someone a good photographer.  An artist has to want to be successful, he has to have something personal to say and he has to have an undeniable desire to share that message.  He has to practice and do it often.  An artist has to understand the basic fundamentals of their medium so well that he doesn’t even think about them.  Then, and only then does he get to achieve the success that all musicians and photographers strive for.